Hi, my name is Angie and I’m TOTALLY ADDICTED to reading blogs.

Ok, there I said it and admitted it out loud and publicly.

“How did this happen?”, I ask myself. “When did it start?” I cannot recall any specifics, but I think it began by innocently reading one blog (I can’t even remember which one–see the power this has over me?).

Honestly, I was just wondering what “blogging” was since I’d heard of it for quite some time, so one day I decided to take a peek to see what all the hype was about. Well, I was immediately drawn in and within seconds I was hooked!

It’s all a blur now, but I seem to recall as I was reading my first blog, that I stumbled upon the section called “Blogroll” (or on some blogs it’s called “Links”) and decided to click on one of the links that was listed.

Well, that’s all it took. Did you know that innocently clicking on one link will ultimately lead to clicking on another and another? It’s like the potato chip saying, “You can’t stop at just one”. It’s true! I had no idea that this fantastic feature would be so enabling to my new found addiction. Geez, there are no warnings of this behavior posted anywhere! (And if there was, I never saw it, I swear!)

Did you also know that if you are using Firefox as your internet browser that you can open individual tabs which makes viewing multiple blogs so much easier and more enjoyable? I’ve also since discovered the importance of exporting/backing up my Firefox Bookmarks since I have so many saved blog sites (that I seem to be drawn to visiting on a regular basis) not to mention the incredible fact that it is has no limit to the amount of sites I can add and the fact that it grows daily with new blogs I want to visit at another time.

Are there other fools victims out there who have fallen into this blog reading entanglement? Surely I am not the only one! What does one do to curb this addiction or even overcome it? Is there any cure? Is there any hope for us and our moderately neglected households since falling into this devastating trap? Are there any support groups for folks such as myself?

Someone please tell me so I can try to obtain some sort of self-control and utilize it properly as I really need to return back to my previous responsibilities of maintaining my household and providing for my family since they do have to eat now and then, and it would be great if they could actually use clean towels if when they showered and then had clean clothes to put on afterward.

8 Responses to “I am TOTALLY ADDICTED!”

  1. Kathie Thomas Says:

    Ah but, there is so much you can learn, isn’t there? For me it’s writing – I read blogs and then get ideas for a new post to one of my 12 blogs. Am I addicted? You betcha!

    Oh, and I’m a real advocate of the Proverbs 31 Woman too as you’ll see from my link.

    As long as you are taking time out for our Lord, reading His Word, and looking after your household appropriately, then reading blogs is indeed something you can do as there is so much to learn about our world and the people in it. Enjoy!

  2. Denise Says:

    Hi Angie, I go through phases of blog reading, but I know that feeling. Right now I’m in to knitting and I love finding other knitting blogs 🙂
    Did you get my email last week? I was looking forward to recieving my coffee packet that I won from the DDOS give-away, but I haven’t heard from you and I didn’t know if you’d got the address I had emailed you? I was so looking forward to recieving the package.

  3. stacey Says:

    I am right there with you! I blame others for my addiction :), but in turn, I have lured others in! I have even had to clear my files for the day so hubby won’t know (even though he comes home to clean house/kids). but seriously, i am going to put myself on a schedule soon, otherwise, it will be hopeless! with these late nights, so much for ridding myself of the dark circles! i do feel blessed for all those i have met and the things i have learned!

  4. Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate Says:

    Yep you sound like an official “clickaholic!! 🙂

  5. Andie Says:

    Hi, my name is Andie, and I’m a blogging addict. I so agree with you!!! It sucks my time right out of the day…and then I get down on myself for not getting stuff done. And backing up your links…Why didn’t I read that last week? My husband crashed our computer over the weekend, and now I’m lost!!! I am looking for all my reads and am only finding some, and some new ones…:-)
    Blessings to you-Andie

  6. casual friday everyday Says:

    I can’t help but be addicted to reading and writing! It’s insane how addicted I am! lol


  7. MJS4Him Says:

    I love to read blogs. Unfortunately I cannot sit at the computer for as long as I would like to read them all, AND comment on them. I would love to be able to. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  8. Shannon Says:

    You’re too funny! But I understand your feelings as I have found so many wonderful and amazing people in the blogging world. Its just nice to sit down and read the good that God is doing in the lives of others. Bless You my friend!

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