Wordless Wednesday 8/8/07

I can’t remember where exactly, but I found this somewhere on the internet one day and thought it was absolutely breathtaking!

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13 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday 8/8/07”

  1. Amazing Gracie Says:

    It’s a breathtaking photo!

  2. SingForHim@Real Life Says:

    It is great! I have a sunset up today, also!

  3. Jen @ One Moms World Says:

    Very breathtaking view!

  4. casual friday everyday Says:

    that is very breathtaking…perfect word for it!


  5. Suprina Says:


    Happy WW!

  6. Crystal Says:

    Amazing Photo! I love pictures of the sky!
    Happy WW, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Melanie Says:

    Wow- it actually took my breath away. That is gorgeous!

  8. C. R. Morris Says:

    It’s like glass..and once you get to the end of it..the smaller part where it seems to touch, no one could possibly fit in. Gorgeous.

  9. MomOf3 Says:

    How beautiful!

  10. Ambre Says:

    what a beautiful shot! You have the talent to capture God’s gift.


  11. Aurelia Says:

    WOW that is Breathtaking! Can you imaging being able to see that scene daily!!!

  12. Kathleen aka Coffee Mom Says:

    That is amazing isn’t it?

  13. forgetfulone Says:

    It is most definitely a breath-taking picture!

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