Wordless Wednesday! 7/11/07



It’s just like a cat to jump into the infant carseat and hangout isn’t it. 😀

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20 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday! 7/11/07”

  1. Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom) Says:

    Thats so funny! Thanks for sharing and Happy WW.

    Smiles and Blessings,

    Angel Mama ():)

  2. And Miles To Go.... Says:

    ha…I guess he wants to go for a ride! What a great shot.

  3. Two Happiest Moms Says:

    how cute…definitely ready for ride!

  4. Cheryl (Word Quilter) Says:

    Ha! What a great shot. Now if you can just keep the baby out of the cat food…..

  5. Alexis Says:

    Too funny! Happy WW.

  6. Mama Nell Says:

    HAHA! Too funny.

  7. GreenGrassGrows Says:

    Too Funny! Silly Kitty!

  8. JESSICA Says:

    Would the cat let you strap him in? Too funny! Happy WW!

  9. Dragonheart Says:

    Very cute. 🙂 I bet that was a comfy spot to hang out. 🙂

  10. Christi Says:

    What a big baby!

    Happy WW!

  11. Jarid and Caydon's blog Says:

    LOL, that is too cute. Just like my dog use to do when Caydon was out of his car seat. Happy WW.

  12. MorningSong Says:

    Cats are such characters aren’t they!!

    Happy WW

  13. Pam Says:

    too funny! cats are so entertaining!

  14. Ali Says:

    haha! That is funny!

  15. Sherry Says:

    Such a clown!

  16. Melanie Says:

    Too funny! Guess he was ready to go for a ride!

  17. SingForHim94@Real Life Says:

    AW, cats are babies, too, sometimes!

  18. Beccagirl Says:

    Fatcat, I love it!!!

  19. LivingforGod Says:

    Cute and funny! That cat is truly laid back :).

    Happy WW!

  20. galejota Says:

    That is funny. We have a dog and a cat that does that.

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