Wordless Wednesday! 5/30/07

Ok, this is my first time participating in Wordless Wednesday. I really hope I’m doing it right! 🙂


9 Kitties

Yes, there are 9 cats there…count them….9! They are all ours–our 9 indoor babies! 🙂


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16 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday! 5/30/07”

  1. ohamanda Says:

    Nine?! Me-ow!

  2. Alissa Says:

    And they probably get along better than my 3 children… Welcome to WW!

  3. Bridget Says:

    welcome too WW! great photos!

  4. mrs wibbs Says:

    WOW. I’d quite like a cat although hubby is so allergic he suffers for 24 hours if he so much as steps into a room that has had them there before he walks into it…But 9: oh my!!

  5. Amanda Says:

    Wow that is cat city! My husband and I tried to have a cat for a pet when we were first married. We discovered that we are more dog people! LOL She was viscious, from the humane society and was 8 months old. She never got better so we gave her away when I got pregnant.

  6. dawnae Says:

    That is a lot of cats! Wow….happy ww

  7. Mark Says:

    And only one of them paying any attention to the world…

  8. usrbinmom Says:

    Aw, what pretty kitties! I love cats, but my dh’s a dog person so I’ve been collecting children instead. LOL!

    Michelle Potter
    (from Moms of Grace)

  9. samismom22 Says:

    Hey Angie, we are so funny, we started our blogs the same day, and I just did my first wordless Wednesday today also!
    Love your pic of the cats! That’s a great pic for your first WW.
    It’s fun isn’t it 🙂

  10. amy Says:

    wow, we have BIL living with us which means we have 4 adult cats, a little kitten and Lucy the bassett hound

    Welcome to WW

  11. Val Says:

    This made me giggle. I love kitties. Great WW!!!

  12. elementaryhistoryteacher Says:

    Welcome to WW! I love your picture. I have one cat……I can’t imagine 9!

  13. mama k Says:

    Wow. That’s a house-full of kitties!

    Happy WW!

  14. Sherry Says:

    Another wow! for you–that’s not even legal in my town! I’m not sure what my Westie would think about 9 cats, tho’ he loves my sister’s cat.

  15. Joyful Days Says:

    Gracious!!! My hubs would have a cow–make that a kitten. I thought my two were a handful.

  16. SingForHim Says:

    Wow, all of them sleeping at the same time! We have one cat, but we can’t let him inside because he sprays!! 😦

    Welcome to WW, I saw your post on MOG. You did it great! I sometimes use my post from the weekly photo hunt at MOG for WW, but you can do anything.

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