Butterfly Eggs?

I found these eggs on my fuchsia plant yesterday. Does anyone know what type of eggs they are? I know butterflies like fuchsias. We have many butterflies around here, but the Monarch is the most popular. It’ll be interesting to see if they hatch or not. I just love when God gives us gifts like this!!! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Butterfly Eggs?”

  1. samismom22 Says:

    My 4th grade daughter who appears to be an expert in this area, since she read a book about butterflies….said they are butterfly eggs, she claims they look like a picture in her book. I asked to see the book and she couldn’t find it ( maybe she needs to read you post about getting organized! LOL). So according to a 4th grader they are butterfly eggs….according to her mom, I have no idea, but I love the picture of something so precious and delicate.
    Let us know what comes of the eggs!

  2. allhisblessings Says:

    Thanks Sandy. Please thank your daughter for me too. 🙂 I’ll be sure to post any updates on these eggs here.

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