Two Days In a Row!!!

I went for a walk two days in a row…whooo hoooo! Yay me! (insert clapping LOL) For me, this is quite an accomplishment!

Yesterday was our homeschool project fair and it was held at our church, which is less than a mile down the street (yes, it IS a blessing!). We’ve been down to one vehicle for awhile now, so we walked there and back home yesterday. The Lord blessed us with a beautifully sunny, warm day, so the weather was just perfect.

Today was even more beautiful…it was warmer and sunnier! Oh, if everyday could be like today!!!!! So, I put the baby in the stroller and took two of the kids and one of the dogs and we went for a walk…it was terrific!

My goal is to walk at least 3 times a week, but ideally, I’d prefer to go 5 days a week. It has been sort of hard for me though because my husband doesn’t get home until 7pm and I prefer to serve dinner then and not earlier because I believe a family should eat together. So, it is hard to try to fit in all in.

It is truly amazing how just two days of walking can make a person feel so good! 🙂

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3 Responses to “Two Days In a Row!!!”

  1. samismom22 Says:

    Way to go with the walking! I know it can be so hard to squeeze it ALL in. But I agree I always feel better when I work out in some way.
    Also, couldn’t agree with you more on the importance of eating dinner together 🙂
    Aren’t you lovin bloggin? 🙂

  2. Jenny in Ca Says:

    good for you! I really need to start walking again. I always feel better when i am active.

  3. Sarah P Says:

    Hi, its Sarah from MOG. Good for you for exercising!! I so wish we lived in a neighborhood I could go walking in! (mountains=too many hills/gravel roads)

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